Nightingale Droppings Facial: Facts Beyond the Myth

Nightingale Droppings Facial: Facts Beyond the Myth

Much may be written on wonders of nightingale droppings (Uguisu-no-Fun) being a traditional Japanese facial treatment. The historical evidence is unquestionable: Geishas and Kabuki actors have owned Uguisu-no-Fun for any while to be seen and whiten their skin and to remove make-up, as well as for maintaining their much admired pale, porcelain complexion.

In accordance with a recent interview our staff conducted with all the staff of Hyakuske, a two-hundred year old cosmetic shop in Tokyo, geishas and kabuki actors were using Uguisu-no-Fun during the Edo period (1603-1868.)

During the past several years, western audiences have discovered Nightingale Facial thanks mostly to enthusiasm of celebrities, and to the press exposure of high-end Ny facial spas.

Myths and Facts

� Myth: Uguisu-no-Fun bleaches and exfoliates skin because it contains guanine.

FACT: Uguisu-no-Fun does whiten skin pigments. However, guanine neither bleaches, nor exfoliates. Guanine, knows as "pearl essence" and also present in fish scales, adds porcelain-like iridescence towards the skin. The whitening (bleaching) action of Uguisu-no-Fun is reportedly due to the unique protease enzymes--not guanine.

� Myth: Uguisu-no-Fun is definitely an exfoliating facial scrub.

FACT: Facial scrubs are mild abrasives built to draw back dead skin cells when gently rubbed on the face. Uguisu-no-Fun is not a facial scrub. It really is used as a daily face wash, in addition to a periodic facial mask. Some salons mix rice bran (Nuka powder, also a face wash and not a scrub) to arrive at their particular formulation.

� Myth: Uguisu-no-Fun contains "guanine enzyme".

FACT: Uguisu-no-Fun does contain guanine. However, guanine just isn't an enzyme. An enzyme is really a protein which increases (or decreases) the speed of chemical reactions. The reference to enzymes applies to the protease and lipase present in Uguisu-no-Fun.

� Myth: Uguisu-no-Fun posseses an unpleasant smell which must be neutralized with rice bran.

FACT: Commercial Uguisu-no-Fun includes a slight musky smell, which many people find unobjectionable. It is treated with UV light to make a bacteria free compound. Some salons add rice bran to Uguisu-no-Fun, for your claimed reason for increasing exfoliating properties.

A Major Supply of Aging of the skin: DNA's Guanine Depletion

Beyond the historical evidence and also the testimonials on the media, scientific evidence starts to emerge which may begin to shed more objective light on Uguisu-no-Fun which contains guanine, specialized protease and lipase enzymes.

Guanine is probably the four molecules which make up the rungs of the DNA helix (oahu is the "G" molecule inside the "ATGC" sequence.)

Harm to DNA's guanine is a major reason for chronic conditions of skin aging and photo-aging. About 2% of all oxygen we consume up eventually ends up as Reactive Oxygen Species (ROS) most often by the oxidation of DNA's guanine base. Exposure to sun's UV rays also causes scare tissue by guanine oxidation.

More About Guanine

Guanine, also called "pearl essence", is a natural substance. It's what gives fish scales their natural iridescent luster. Guanine is widely used from the cosmetics industry in shampoos, nail polish along with other beauty products for adding shine and luster.

One of many key compounds for damaged skin DNA repair is a guanine derived enzyme called OGG1 (8-Oxo-Guanine Glycosylase). In studies OGG1 may be demonstrated to take care of scare tissue caused by UV exposure.

OGG1 is extensively employed by the best cosmetic manufacturer in their high-end product formulations marketed for wrinkle and UV damaged skin repair and care.

Uguisu-no-Fun: Triple Action Bird Poo Facial Treatment

Uguisu-no-Fun is rich in natural guanine, protease and water-soluble lipase enzymes (which separation fat). Uguisu-no-Fun facial methods are useful for

1. Restoring skin damaged by sun damage and aging
2. Whitening skin pigments
3. Cleansing skin pores

Anecdotal evidence implies that it is the guanine in Uguisu-no-Fun which reduces and turnaround for the outcomes of skin's damaged DNA cells. Furthermore, Uguisu-no-Fun behaves as a gentle bleach to whiten the skin. This is apparently as a result of unique protease enzymes within Uguisu-no-Fun, which in fact has also been traditionally utilized in Japan being a natural bleach to eliminate dye from fine silk fabric such as in kimonos. The lipase enzymes in Uguisu-no-Fun wash away dirt trapped in skin pores' fat.


As face wash: Lather facial soap in palms, blend a modest amount of powder (about 0.5 grams, half the weight of one paper clip) and wash face in normal manner.

As facial mask: Mix one teaspoon of powder with little bit of hot water to produce a paste. Apply to skin, avoiding your eyes. Leave for 5-10 minutes, and rinse.